Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL, London

The £20 million Bartlett refurbishment will include demolishing one floor of the building and adding another two, to give eight storeys in total. The entire floor-plate of the existing building will also be increased.

  • Building Type: Education
  • Location: London
  • Contractor: Vaughan Engineering Services
  • Services: Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC

The building façade will be stripped back and a full new façade will be created using hand-cut brick. Care has been taken to ensure the design of the building fits in with the surrounding area, which sits within the Bloomsbury Conservation Area, on the southern edge of the Euston Area Plan.

The Gripple Express provided Vaughan Engineering Services with a fast and efficient suspension solution for multi-service rafts, which were installed throughout the building. The rafts were suspended at a variety of angles and the Express enabled the rafts to be installed at waist height before they are lifted into the correct place close to the soffit.

The Express features ergonomic buttons and a keyless release, making finite adjustment even easier. The rafts needed to be joined together once installed, the wire rope kits were flexible and made the final installation simpler. Saving valuable time when compared to traditional methods such as threaded rod, or cumbersome chains.

Installing the rafts at differnt angles with threaded rod or chain would have been an ardous and time consuming task. Using the Gripple Express made this process quick and easy. Using Gripple wire rope kits saved dramatically on the installation time. The kits made it easy to lift the rafts and adjust them with the touch of a button. The flexiblitiy of the wire also helped when it came to joining the rafts together. I look forward to using Gripple’s products on future projects.
Manager, Vaughan Engineering Services
Tags: Building Services

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