Project Installation & Design Support

Here at Gripple, we pride ourselves on more than just game-changing products; our dedicated team of solar experts is on hand to deliver highly customised technical support from initial concept to final delivery.

We can provide comprehensive services including project design drawings, engineering calculations, and product modelling to help you achieve optimal results.

To maximise project efficiencies, involve our team as early as possible. During the proposal phase, we can provide multiple options for consideration, enabling you to maximize savings on both labour and materials by selecting the most efficient solution.

For further information on our services please contact our Technical Services team on

Structural and capacity calculations for your project requirements: structural modeling and catenary load and sag analysis, foundation calculations and geomembrane securement analysis.
Developing detailed structural and site design drawings to support your specific project requirements, ensuring procurement efficiencies, best practice design layout, and installation arrangements.
Our Gripple technical managers will be on hand at every stage of your project to provide one on one engineering support and advice.
We can provide a comprehensive library of 2D and 3D product CAD resources.

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