Anchor Installation - Best Practice

The longevity depends on location factors and soil, water & climate conditions as well as the local risk of erosion on site. Examples of such conditions, which increase the likelihood of microbial corrosion are:

Coastal areas, as this affects the salt levels in the environment and ground conditions

Ground types/areas with nitrogen/salt based fertilisers

Gripple does not recommend the use of these products in conjunction with the anchor due to the increased likelihood of galvanic corrosion:

Stainless steel structures, connections, cables without the use of isolators at the point of connection

Copper treated wood posts

Initial signs of corrosion should be identified during annual inspections. Gripple recommends that annual inspections involve exposing the top 1ft/12” of ground to identify corrosion early.

A corrosion-resistant underground ground anchor for easy installation into a wide variety of soils.

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