Why Gripple?

The original wire joining and tensioning solution, Gripple products are market-leading and globally renowned in the agriculture sector. In use on a multitude of high profile projects around the world, farmers, fencing contractors and wine growers choose Gripple to simplify wire installation and maintenance. By removing the need to knot and tie wire, creating the ability to join and tension in one, and allowing for re-tensioning year-after-year, Gripple is the simplest, most complete solution available today.

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Considerable time and labour savings on your project

The Gripple product range is innovatively designed and highly engineered with simplicity in mind. Making the lives of our customers easier is our key focus. By delivering a significantly simpler system compared to traditional methods, and eradicating the need to tie and knot wires, we vastly reduce labour and installation times.

Market-leading solutions

We’ve been manufacturing solutions for agricultural application for over 30 years and our products are in use across the globe. The Dingo Fence, the world’s longest at 3,488 miles, is joined by Gripple solutions, and some of the largest wine growers in the world use our solutions to secure their trellising wires. We're proud of what we offer because it's simple, successful and trusted worldwide.


Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers

Innovation is absolutely central to our business culture, so much so that we aim to achieve 25% of our annual turnover every year from products less than 5 years old. We have a dedicated, in-house ideas and innovation team, where a team of product design engineers work closely with our product management team to ensure we’re constantly delivering problem solving solutions to the market.   

Strong, long-lasting products

By eradicating the need to knot and tie wires, the integral strength of your wire is never compromised. The selection of tools available ensure installation and maintenance are hassle free, and our patented push-fit technology delivers peace of mind and longevity to your project.

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A complete solution for a wide range of applications

Our systems have been carefully developed to ensure we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of applications. One of the many strengths of the Gripple  technology is its versatility; allowing us to transform all forms of fencing, bracing, trellising and anchoring applications into simple, less labour-intensive tasks.