SwiftLine Rail Dropper - How to Install

See how to install Gripple's SwiftLine Droppers to catenary and contact wires with our easy step-by-step instructions below.

Rail Dropper 0123

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Fix the Top Dropper to the catenary wire using a quarter turn nature.

Rail Dropper 0326

Step 2:

Adjust Top Dropper horizontally by compressing the two CAMs simultaneously (as shown) until it is in the correct position. Release the CAMs to lock the Top Dropper in position.

Rail Dropper 0546

Step 3:

Fix the Contact Clamp to the Contact Wire by placing the Clamp onto the anvil and flipping the lever to apply clamping force. The two hooks should hook fully over the Contact Clamp (as shown).

Rail Dropper 0693

Step 4:

Compress the release button and pull the vertical wire upwards to adjust the length of the drop to the length which is needed (as shown).

Rail Dropper 0929B

Step 5:

Wrap the excess wire which is above the Top Dropper around to the opposite side of the housing and push it through the lower hole (as shown) to allow it to operate as a fail safe.

Our SwiftLine Rail Dropper allows you to install faster, work safer and get more done in each possession window.

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