Spillways & Embankments

The Terra-Lock system reinforces and helps maintain spillways & embankments by sustaining discharge flows and velocities. By strengthening the structure the vegetated slopes can sustain higher flow velocities and shears meaning longer-lasting assets can be constructed with green and aesthetically pleasing properties.

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Terra-Lock® System

A time and labour saving method of geotechnical engineering for erosion control, soil retention and slope reinforcement. The Terra-lock system uses anchors that can now achieve up to 32.5kN’

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Case studies

Civil Construction
Bardon Hill Quarry, Coalville, England
23 May 2019
Civil Construction
Safi Power Plant, Morocco
27 May 2019
Civil Construction
Matlock Spa, Derbyshire Dales
03 January 2020
Civil Construction
Nenthead Car Park, Cumbria
06 January 2020

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