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Matlock Spa, Derbyshire Dales

Gripple Terra-Lock™ System

  • Engineer: Rodgers Leask
  • Contractors: Sirius Group / High Peak Geotechnical Ltd
  • Gripple Terra-Lock™ System: TL-100, TL-A3, GMAT-350, TLP-2 installed with Gripple Petrol Driver and JackJaw®
  • Application: Slope Reinforcement

Matlock Spa is a new housing development located on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in the Derbyshire Dales. Within the centre of this residential scheme is Cawdor Quarry, a brownfield site which fell into disuse in the 1950s after Permanite Asphalt abandoned the site. The development contains five new villages which include 500 homes and 2,800 sqm of commercial space for new business start-ups.

The site required extensive landscape remodelling and land stabilisation before construction work could progress. Principal Designer, Rodgers Leask wanted an alternative solution to the cost and labour intensive layered Geogrid type slope reinforcement. Throughout the project, Gripple liaised with project engineers from Rodgers Leask, in order to deliver the right solution based on core civil engineering principles and soil conditions. Gripple supplied TL-100, TL-A3, TLP-2 and GMAT-350 products to stabilise the slope in the old quarry, and also recommended High Peak Geotechnical Ltd to carry out the install of the Terra-Lock™ system due to their familiarity and proficiency with using Gripple products.

High Peak were satisfied with the installation due to the significant amount of time that was saved on the project: “Gripple provided a slope reinforcement solution that our team was able to implement in just three weeks. If we hadn’t used the Terra-Lock™ system, installation would have taken at least twice as long!” Managing Director, High Peak Geotechnical.

Gripple’s Terra-Lock™ system is an innovative method of geotechnical engineering for heavy erosion and slope stability – the system delivers significant time and labour savings and provides immediate security to the ground structure while also facilitating vegetation growth. The GMAT-350 is a long lasting, environmentally friendly erosion control mat which provides an effective erosion control surface and a vegetative root reinforcement layer, while the TL-100 and TL-A3 ground anchors are designed to provide efficiency, maximise load capacity and vegetation establishment through perforations.

Throughout the project, Gripple provided ongoing onsite technical support, as well as a post-project delivery service that included pull-out testing to varying loads, training and sign-off. When completed, Matlock Spa will be a modern residential hub located on a diverse and spectacular site that provides views of rocky outcrops, lakes and rivers, and the wider Derbyshire Dales and Peak District National Park areas.

Tags: Civil Construction

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