Aviation Academy, Norwich Airport

Eyre Building Services Group Ltd utilised Gripple’s Catenary Kits to suspend the lighting between the beams & purlins.

The service and products offered by Gripple were excellent. Easy and quick to install, and they look great too. The products are easy to handle on site, we didn’t need chop saws etc. to cut chain or threaded rod on site. Gripple helped to reduce our overall installation time and cost. We can’t recommend their products enough.”
Site Supervisor, Eyre Building Services Group Ltd
  • Building Type: Education & Aviation
  • Locaiton: Norwich
  • Contractor: Eyre Building Services Group Ltd
  • Services: Lighting

The Aviation Academy at Norwich Airport will provide a centre of excellence for education and skills training, delivered in partnership with the region’s employers, education groups and local authorities. Located close to the airport terminal and equipped to provide training to 200-300 students at any given time.

The Academy will be the first in the country to create a ‘real world’ learning environment that includes full size, working aircraft. It will focus on offering a broad education and skills training in aviation and will raise the standards of learning using innovative teaching techniques.

Eyre Building Services Group Ltd utilised Gripple’s Catenary Kits to suspend the lighting between the beams & purlins. The kits are up to six times faster to install, and require no additional channel or structural steels to be installed. The Catenary Kits create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire rope between two fixing points. Ideal for applications where no direct vertical anchor point is available. Eyre Building Services Group Ltd then used the Gripple C-Clip, an innovative twist-on/off device for hanging anywhere along the catenary wire. The Gripple C-Clip can be fitted retrospectively, and offers complete control of both vertical and horizontal positioning.

To further reduce installation times Eyre Building Services Group Ltd installed the lighting with the Gripple Express Hanger. The ergonomic buttons allow for rapid adjustment, no Setting Key required. The Express Hanger is a safer alternative to rod and channel as no tools or “Hot Works” permit is required for installation, improving health and safety on-site. The products selected complement the open soffit design of the building.

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