Abbey Grove Care Home, Worksop

A partnership between A1 Housing, Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council is set to develop an impressive apartment complex for older adults, on the site of the former Abbey Grove Independent Living Centre in Lowtown, Worksop. MIES Building Services opted to use Gripple Fast Trak for the installation of all electrical containment on the project.

“Where we would usually allow two weeks per floor when using threaded rod, we got the time down to just half a week per floor using Fast Trak. I will definitely specify Gripple products in future, thanks to the huge labour saving benefits.”
Electrical Project Manager, MIES Building Services
  • Building Type: Care Home
  • Contractor: MIES Building Services
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Electrical Containment

The Abbey Grove Care Home consists of a BREEAM rated 'Good' 52 bed sheltered housing complex in
Worksop, Nottinghamshire. MIES Building Services, the nominated M&E contractor for the project, opted to use the new Gripple Fast Trak - Side Loading ™ range for installing electrical containment, after previously using the original Fast Trak range on three projects.

At the start of the Abbey Grove project, MIES provided Gripple Technical Services with the building design drawings so they could carry out an installation design service, where Gripple BIM objects were inserted into the existing model. This meant MIES was able to order the exact quantities of products required, which were then labelled and delivered to site by area. This facilitated the easy distribution of materials from the stores out to the work area, as opposed to transporting three metre lengths of rod and strut with separate boxes of nuts and washers. As Fast Trak - Side Loading only requires a single fixing point to bolt the track to the soffit, installation took a fraction of the time needed to install the equivalent on threaded rod, with the single suspension allowing the side loading of pre-loaded containment to further speed up the installation process.

As a zero waste, carbon-efficient product, Fast Trak offers contractors a less labour and time-intensive alternative to traditional methods, with the benefit of a 3:1 safety ratio. The simple, tool free adjustment the tracks and bracket allow means that alterations can be made quickly and efficiently, with the reduction in time spent working at height increasing on-site health and

With a wide selection of sizes, accessories and mounting methods, the new additions to the Fast Trak range makes it Gripple's most versatile solution for the suspension of containment to date.

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Track, Y-Fit, Express No. 2, QT Compact Clamp & CT Clip Channel, Threaded Rod, channel nuts and pipe clamps
Material cost £17,392 £10,226
Installation time 349 hours 1635 hours
Labour rate (Per Hour) £20 £20
total labour cost £6,980 £32,700
Abbey Grove Care Home, Worksop
Tags: Building Services

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