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Rod Stiffener

Our innovative Seismic Rod Stiffener system is used to prevent threaded rod from buckling vertically during seismic activity or blast events. Resilient and versatile in its design, the Rod Stiffener can be used with threaded rod sizes 3/8" and 1/2". In comparison to the traditional method of using metal strut and clips, it is 80% lighter, quicker to install and requires no tools for installation.

  • Faster Installation Time - Up to 2 minutes quicker per 3 foot installation
  • Lightweight Solution - Up to 80% lighter than strut / pipe and clamp based methods
  • No Tools Required - Click and connect mechanism, makes installation simple without the need for tools
  • Enhances Health & Safety - Lighter products and a reduction in time working at height to install ensures a safer working environment
  • Versatile Design - The addition of 'Crush Tooth' allow Gripple's Rod Stiffener to be installed on 3/8" and 1/2" threaded rod
  • Resilient Materials - Polypropylene body (PP) and 22% glass filled Polypropylene (22GFPP) couplings
  • Straight from the Box Installation - Removes the need to cut steel strut / pipe to length with a saw on site
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Rod Stiffener Downloads

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