GF Bracket

The GF bracket is ideal for clamping onto an I-Beam when it’s not possible to loop around with the catenary wire, or when the height of the beam is too great.


  • Fitted easily and securely by hand, no on-site power required
  • Removes the need to loop around an I-beam
  • Ideal for large I-beams that would create an angle greater than 60º at the Gripple Lockable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Designed for use with M12 threaded rod (threaded rod not included as part of the kit)
  • Suitable for I-Beams 6 mm - 19 mm in thickness
  • Load rating: 340 kg with a 5:1 safety factor
  • No additional washers or nuts required


I Beam 6 mm / 13 mm


Pack Size 1

I Beam 8 mm / 16 mm


Pack Size 1

I Beam 10 mm / 19 mm


Pack Size 1

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