Catenary Steel Anchor

The Catenary Steel Anchor is ideal for blind fixing into one side of a steel beam or for creating an intermediate suspension point in catenary applications.



  • Designed for blind fixing where only one side of a beam is accessible
  • Accommodates wide range of steel thickness (3 - 22 mm)
  • Ideal for use with Gripple Catenary Kits
  • Catenary Steel Anchors can also be used to support intermediate suspension points allowing multiple catenary 'free spans' (for more information please see Gripple Catenary Kit)
  • Fast install into a 14 mm hole with 13 mm and 19 mm spanners
  • Catenary Steel Anchor is supplied pre-assembled and includes an M8 Welded Eyebolt, an M8 Flange Nut, an M8 Hollow Body and Tapered Nut

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