Oakleigh Road South Vehicle Depot, London, UK

The new Oakleigh Road South Vehicle depot in London was developed to allow Barnet Council to operate its waste and collection fleet from a single coordinated site. Gripple supplied Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Brackets, Express No. 2 Hangers &QT Universal Clamps for the suspension of pipework, ductwork and electrical containment.

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Contractor: Wilmott Dixon
  • Subcontractors: Kershaw Mechanical Services & REL Building Services
  • Services: Electrical Containment, Pipework & Ductwork

“To ensure we completed the project on time we decided to use multiple Gripple products on both electrical and pipework applications, for speed and efficiency.”- Site Supervisor, Kershaw Mechanical Service


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Trapeze-Plus FR, Universal Bracket, XP2 & QT Universal Clamp Channel, threaded rod, channel nuts and pipe rings
Material cost £2,766 £1,866
Installation time 218 Hours 301 hours
Labour rate (per hour) £20 £20
Total labour cost £4,360 £6,020
Total cost £7,126 £7,886

Willmott Dixon were appointed as the main contractors tasked with developing the former Abbots Depot site to become the new Oakleigh Road South Vehicle depot in London. The depot will allow Barnet Council to operate its waste and recycling collection fleet from a single coordinated site, ensuring the most efficient service for residents across the borough. The site will also provide parking facilities for refuse and recycling collection vehicles, vehicle maintenance building and a covered bulking facility allowing recyclables to be put into larger vehicles for processing outside of the borough.

Subcontractors Kershaw Mechanical Services (KMS) were designated to complete the pipework and ductwork for the depot. They had used Gripple products previously which allowed them to know about the benefits and time saving implications. Within the depot, KMS utilised Gripple’s QT Universal Clamps alongside Universal Brackets to support the pipework. Products were delivered pre assembled to site which allowed them to be easily stored away on a busy construction site while also minimising waste.

By opting to use Gripple's suspension solutions, the time spent working at height on site was significantly reduced as products arrived on site pre-measured for the contractor's specific requirements. The QT Universal Clamp replaces more than 13 different pipe clip sizes, and is up to 10 times faster to install than threaded rod and rubber lined clips due to the integral mounting pillar and quarter turn attachment to the Universal Bracket.

To further reduce installation times, KMS suspended the pipework with Trapeze Plus FR which ensures channel suspension becomes more secure and durable. The easy to use integral adjustment button allows for perfect levelling and the locking screw provides ultimate security.

REL Building Services installed electrical applications into the project, using a single drop to basket, so they could save time by side loading cables. This also meant no tools or a 'hot works' permit was required for installation, improving health and safety on site.

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