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Hazel Court, Sketty Park, Swansea

Hazel Court is a purpose-built, extra care housing scheme in the Sketty area of Swansea that provides affordable apartments for people aged 55 and over. To support the development of this project, Gripple supplied Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Brackets & QT Universal Clamps for the suspension of pipework and electrical containment.

  • Building Type: Residential
  • Main Contractor: Kier
  • Sub-Contractor: JW Morris
  • Services: Pipework & Electrical Containment

“The service and products offered by Gripple were excellent. Easy and quick to install - this was a key driver supporting our decision to use Gripple as we were delayed access to the build and we needed to ensure we did not fall behind schedule. The products we used allowed us to save time and have less guys on the job.”- Site Supervisor, JW Morris


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Bracket & QT Universal Clamp Channel, threaded rod, pipe rings & channel nuts
Material cost £6,106 £4,127
Installation time 192 Hours 362 hours
Labour rate (per hour) £20 £20
Total labour cost £3,840 £7,240
Total cost £9,946 £11,367

Hazel Court comprises of 120 spacious apartments, an on-site gym, a hair salon and a restaurant. The new extension allowed the further build of 43 new apartments.

JW Morris were appointed as the subcontractors responsible for completing the pipework and electrical containment for the site. They had used Gripple products previously and opted to use QT Universal Clamps alongside the Universal Brackets on this project. By using Gripple's products JW Morris was able to save significant amounts of time on the project while also freeing up storage space as Gripple products take up much less space than traditional methods such as rod and channel which weigh considerably more.

The Universal Bracket maximised efficiency in the small ceiling void as brackets were used for both M&E services. The bracket allowed versatility for JW Morris as it could be bolted directly to the soffit or wall, or suspended using Gripple Hangers. The Universal Bracket also arrived to site in pre-cut lengths, eliminating the need for cutting rod and channel on-site which drastically improves health and safety on site. The installation of all pipework on this project took less time to complete as a result of JW Morris using QT Universal Clamps in conjunction with Gripple Universal Brackets. The QT Universal Clamp is ten times faster to install than traditional methods, with a quarter turn fixing allowing tool free adjustment and attachment. The QT Universal Clamp replaces more than 12 different pipe ring sizes.

During the project, JW Morris were delayed access to the build due to the speed of installation on other building applications. To ensure the build did not fall behind schedule, JW Morris were able to recoup valuable time by installing cable baskets using Trapeze Plus FR, an efficient locking system with a practical mechanism which includes an adjustment button that allows the installer to perfectly level the system on site. The secure locking screw prevents any movement of building services once they are positioned which further enhances safety on site.

Tags: Building Services

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