Solar Anchoring Kits - How to Install

Our Solar Anchoring Kits provide up to 2,750 kg | 6,060 lbs pull out performance by locking into the soil. They have been developed based on our tried and tested technology used in demanding slope stabilisation, civil and seismic applications around the world.

The kits can be installed in just minutes using only hand tools. They are an ideal contingency for contractors where foundation issues arise and can even open up previously unusable land like brown field or landfill to solar development. Their low profile ensures minimal disturbance to the ground around the structure.


Solar Anchor 1

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Insert tip of drive rod in to the anchor

Solar Anchor 2

Step 2:

Push the PV Anchor in to the surface of the ground at prescribed location.

Solar Anchor 3

Step 3:

Turn on and position the GPD (or Breaker) onto the other end of the drive tool, set the GPD/Drive Rod at the required angle before driving the PV Anchor into the ground.

Solar Anchor 4

Step 4:

Drive the PV Anchor. Once required depth is achieved, remove GPD (or Breaker) from drive rod.

Solar Anchor 5

Step 5:

When PV Anchor is at desired depth, use JackJaw to remove drive rod (can also be done by hand in softer ground) before using JackJaw and Anchor set tool to load lock PV Anchor.

Solar Anchor 6

Step 6:

Take the supplied wire sling and add the protective tubing to the loose end of the wire.

Solar Anchor 7

Step 7:

Using the supplied sling connect your fixing point to the frame (using the choke or direct fixing method).

Solar Anchor 8

Step 8:

Add the dynamic to the fused end of the sling, roughly 0.5m from the ground. (To make any adjustments, use the supplied flag key).

Solar Anchor 9

Step 9:

Feed the fused wire through the anchor thimble and back through the dynamic tensioner. Pull hand tight leaving min. 150mm tail wire to remove as much slack as possible.

Solar Anchor 10

Step 10:

Using the Gripple Torq Tool, apply 100kgf via the tail wire.

Solar Anchor 11

Step 11:

Cut any excess wire.

Solar Anchor 12

Step 12:

Using the hex key supplied, turn the central lock 90° to complete the installation.

Our Solar Anchoring Kit uses the engineering properties of the different soils to create a safe, reliable foundation.

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