CableSmart - How to Install

Our simple snap-lock hanger design with side loading function, coupled with our rapid tension messenger wire, means you can install the CableSmart system quickly and easily, end to end using just hand tools.


Cablesmart Install 1

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Install eye nut (or equivalent) on the end post piles to stop vertical movement of the messenger wire.

Cablesmart Install 2

Step 2:

Fix messenger brackets as intermediate supports for the catenary wire. (Recommendation max. 10 m I 30 ft.)

Cablesmart Install 3

Step 3:

Insert Dynamic tensioner onto the end of the wire spool (around 1-1.2 m I 3-4 ft from the end) and feed through the protective sleeve.

Cablesmart Install 4

Step 4:

Loop around the first end post pile and through the eye nut or pile fixing point.


Cablesmart Install 5

Step 5:

Insert wire back through the Dynamic tensioner to create a secure loop.

Cablesmart Install 6

Step 6:

Drop wire into messenger brackets and loosely screw down grubscrew, working down the line.

Cablesmart Install 7

Step 7:

Repeat steps 3-5 at the second end post pile to create a catenary with two loops.

Cablesmart Install 8

Step 8:

Use the Gripple tensioning tool to apply tension to the wire. Only engage with the ends of the wire to pull tension through the catenary.

Cablesmart Install 9

Step 9:

When the required tension is reached, screw down hex grubscrews on all intermediate supports.

Cablesmart Install 10

Step 10:

For single cavity hangers open the gate and side load hanger onto wire. 

Cablesmart Install 11

Step 11:

For double cavity hangers slot onto the wire between the two cavities.

Cablesmart Install 12

Step 12:

Place hanger at correct distance and press down on to the wire until you hear an audible click.

Cablesmart Install 13

Step 13:

Repeat the process down the line keeping the required space as specified.

Cablesmart Install 14

Step 14:

Open the gate and side load cables onto the hangers.

Cablesmart Install 15

Step 15:

Close gates on the hangers to complete the installation.

Cablesmart Install 16

Step 16:

Optional - use the top data cable holder to secure a separate cable if needed.

A strong, secure and easy to install above ground solar cable management system.

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