Fast Trak is Gripple's pre-fabricated, trapeze bracket solution
offering speed, flexibility and efficient use of space, for the installation
of electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and
mechanical services in restricted places.


The Product

Fast Trak now features a four-sided bracket as standard, offering a suspension point on every face and improving the versatility of the solution to suit multi-tiered services in any orientation. The bracket is compatible with standard channel products and accessories, as well as Gripple’s QT solutions, giving a broader range of installation options when using Fast Trak to suspend M&E services. Availability of slots on the side of the new bracket offer the ability to install services horizontally and vertically on the same system.

*The below quote is from Mark Kimberley, Head of Construction Products at Gripple Ltd.

“Following the success of the existing Fast Trak design, we’ve improved the product by taking customer feedback on board."

The Development Process

Part of the ethos at Gripple is to send products to customers and let them work with them and find out what works and what can be improved, we then listen to their feedback. Therefore, Fast Trak has evolved.

Our customers like the current Fast Trak but have asked for a few tweaks, the main ones were to stiffen the tracks implement top and bottom loading. So Fast Trak III has these additional requirements requested by customers.

*The below quote is from Oliver Sunderland, Design Engineer at Gripple Ltd.

"The new improved Fast Trak range will revolutionise the installation of M&E services."


Norfolk Bridge Works is another exciting addition to our Sheffield manufacturing sites and follows all the core principles of the unique Gripple spaces, open plan design, inspiring architecture, and eye-catching location. Providing an additional 15,000 square feet of production space.

At the centre of this new factory is the new state-of-the-art Fast Trak production line consisting of roll formers and a fully automatic cartridge assembly machine.

*The below quote is from Claire Tunnard, Production Manager at Gripple Ltd.

“Having a site that is dedicated to showcasing the new range is a major step forward in meeting the demand for this product."

Growth & Success

The Fast Trak range was originally launched in 2017, and has since sold over 1 million pieces. A UK manufactured solution, Fast Trak removes the stresses associated with the increasing cost of raw materials and subsequent availability of supply. Available via a nationwide distribution network, the solution is delivered in lightweight packaging, easing handling on site, as well as reducing deliveries to site.

*The below quote is from Chris Bugg, Sales Director - UK & Ireland at Gripple Ltd.

“Fast Trak is unique in the market and with the improved changes gives us an even more competitive advantage.”

Gripple Case Study
Gripple Case Study
Gripple Case Study