Royce Discovery Centre, Sheffield, UK

The Royce Discovery Centre is an innovative, research-focused University of Sheffield building that will bolster the institution's advanced manufacturing capabilities, and help to transfer knowledge and expertise to the local industry. For the suspension of mechanical and electrical services on this project, Gripple supplied Fast Trak ™ - Standard & Side Loading, QT Accessory and Cable Tray Clips.

  • Building Type: Educational
  • Main Contractor: Henry Boot PLC
  • Subcontractor: Elecomm Ltd.
  • Building Structure: Concrete Frame
  • Services: Electrical & Mechanical Containment

The Royce Discovery Centre (RDC) has been purpose built to provide a mixture of laboratory spaces and a double-height workshop area, and will house researchers from the University of Sheffield Department of Materials, Science and Engineering in a bustling city centre location.

Elecomm, M&E subcontractor on this project, approached Gripple to provide a solution for the suspension of electrical containment and pipework. A large section of the services had already been installed using traditional methods, but strict timescales and aesthetic requirements meant that Elecomm were seeking a faster and more cost-effective alternative for installing first fix containment.

After consultation with a Gripple representative, Fast Trak, Gripple's rapid trapeze bracket solution, was proposed for securing the remaining pipework and electrical containment on the project. Although contractors were initially hesitant to switch to an unfamiliar method of installation, the easy, tool-free process of installing the trapeze brackets meant that they became proficient in next to no time.

Fast Trak was used in conjunction with the QT Accessory for pipework, which enabled pipes to be installed at varying heights from the bracket; ideal for instances where different sized pipes required alignment along the centre axis. For areas where the building services are exposed, the Fast Trak Bracket Cover has been utilised. This solution snaps to the underside of the bracket, to neatly hide the tracks and further enhance the aesthetics of the Fast Trak system.

By choosing to switch from traditional installation methods to Gripple products, Elecomm were able to maintain project timescales for the installation of first fix containment and provide the client with a visually pleasing and viable alternative to threaded rod and channel.

"This was our first time using Gripple solutions on a project - the feedback from the guys on-site has been that it's much quicker to install than traditional rod and strut, and it gives a really neat finish to the job. We'll definitely be using Fast Trak on our projects going forward, thanks to the time savings we gained and the excellent customer service we received from Gripple."
Mechanical Supervisor, Elecomm Ltd
  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Trak, QT Accessory, Cable Tray Clip Channel, Threaded Rod, Channel Nuts
Material cost £9,042 £6,114
Installation time 281 Hours 817hours
Labour rate (per hour) £25 £25
Total labour cost £7,025 £20,425
Total cost £16,067 £26,539
Tags: Building Services

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