Respected UK author includes Hugh Facey motivation thoughts in new book

The former enterprise editor at The SundayTimes, and now one of the UK’s most respected authors, sought the insight of Hugh Facey, Gripple chairman to include in her latest book, Ambition – Why it’s Good to Want More and How to get it.

Rachel Bridge, who is also a professional public speaker, approached Hugh, inventor of the innovative Gripple wire fastener and founder of the world-beating company which bears its name, because she was keen to find out what motivates him.

Hugh said during his interview with Rachel: “I like solving problems. I enjoy the satisfaction of finding a solution. That has been my driver all my business life. Our business is built on customers saying they have got a problem and then us finding a solution to it.”

The quote, details about how Hugh developed the Gripple and what makes the company an ongoing success story, appear in the new book.

Ambition provides practical guidelines to help people achieve their ultimate lifetime goals, showing readers how to harness and direct their ambition in the most effective way, how to overcome things that stand in their way, how to stay motivated and how to succeed.

Rachel said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been able to include Hugh Facey and Gripple in my latest book, Ambition. I have long been an admirer of Hugh and the way the company is run. I think the story of how he created the company is inspiring. Hopefully it will encourage others to pursue and achieve their goals in life.”

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