Gripple Don Their Waders!

With the new site at Norfolk Bridge opening its doors earlier this year, the team at the latest Gripple facility took it upon themselves to clean up the local environment. 

Donning their waders, the employees at the Norfolk Bridge Works assisted the River Stewardship Company and helped with the clean-up of the River Don that runs alongside the new factory.

They were not only looking to remove litter and debris but also provide some much-needed weed control from the densely growing Himalayan Balsam. This pink and red stemmed weed has taken over the riverbank in most areas. Even though this plant brings a splash of colour to the River Don it also causes many problems. The weeds grow quickly and shades out other plants, so in the autumn this leaves the riverbank bear and vulnerable to erosion. 

The team worked hard over the two days cleaning up this part of the river, but this is not the first time Gripple has been involved in a clean-up. Back in April 2020, Gripple removed two tonnes of rubbish out of the River Don near the Gripple factory on Carbrook Street in Attercliffe.

Alex Smith, Marketing Manager - UK & Ireland, at Gripple said: “We worked hard to clean the river and by knowing we are making an impact to the neighbouring area to our factory gives great pride to everyone involved. Providing charity and community support are some of the fundamental pillars of life at Gripple. Our employees regularly engage in hands-on projects so we can give back to the local community and other charitable causes."

For more information on our sustainability initiatives please click here

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