Westfield Stratford City M7A, London

Westfield Stratford City M7A is a 13-storey commercial and office development located within a new urban quarter in East London. Gripple supplied Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Bracket, Duct Trapeze and Express No. 2 to the project.

  • Project location: Stratford, London, UK
  • Building type: Commercial / Office
  • Building structure: Metal Decking
  • Services: Electrical Containment & HVAC
"We prefer to use Gripple products over traditional methods for our projects, due to the speed and flexibility their products give us on-site. Gripple’s products are also lightweight and compact which makes them easier to transport across a busy London site."
Electrical Engineer, Electrical Subcontractor

The main contractor for the project has delivered a scheme which has been awarded a ‘BREEAM Excellent’ environmental performance rating. The commercial development is part of the Stratford City Zone 1 Masterplan and contains a 13-storey modern workplace building with a metal decking structure. Within the M7A development there is a large entrance foyer with aesthetically pleasing public areas, including a screened roof garden with outstanding views that look out across East London.

Due to the strict timescales of the build, subcontractors working on the project required a proven method of drastically reducing installation times on site, which also delivered an aesthetically pleasing finish. The electrical subcontractor opted to use Trapeze Plus FR, Gripple's certified fire-rated suspension solution, which delivered significant time savings for the installation of electrical containment within the development. Trapeze Plus FR has been independently tested and is a fully compliant, fire-resistant suspension system which is suitable for a range of applications including electrical containment. Adjustments can be made completely toolfree, allowing contractors to save time and labour and allow for adjustment of height during installation. In conjunction with Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Brackets were used to efficiently connect Gripple systems to cable baskets on site.

Gripple Technical Services, a qualified team of engineering physicists and mechanical engineers, provided the electrical subcontractor with an installation design service which consisted of numerous 2D bracket detail drawings to assist with installation. The electrical subcontractor has now used Gripple products on various projects to save time on the installation of electrical containment.

The HVAC subcontractor used Gripple’s Duct Trapeze system for suspending primary rectangular ductwork on this project. Duct Trapeze attaches to the bottom of rectangular duct with self-drilling screws, while the optional rubber pad prevents leakage and dampens vibration. They also used Gripple Express No. 2 to efficiently suspend secondary spiral ductwork and plenum boxes. Express No. 2 is a tool free suspension kit with a keyless release mechanism for the fast suspension of a variety of building services including mechanical, electrical and lighting applications.

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Trapeze Plus FR, Universal Bracket, Duct Trapeze
& Express No. 2
Channel, threaded rod & channel nuts
Material cost £66,012 £48,966
Installation time 442 Hours 1,641 Hours
Labour rate (per hour) £25 £25
Total labour cost £11,050 £41,025
Total cost £77,062 £89,991
Tags: Building Services

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