Swansea City FC, Training Academy

Swansea City's Landore Training Academy will provide a state-of-the-art facility for junior, youth and community use.

As well as major pitch renovations and the introduction of a new all-weather pitch, the facility will house changing rooms, function rooms, a parents room, classrooms, treatment rooms, a café and offices.

“Our distributor Lindab recommended Gripple products for this project. We took advantage of the Take-Off service and all staff provided an excellent service on and off site. The schedule was tight but Gripple products are quick, simple and easy to install. We made a labour saving of six weeks on the installation of the pipework and ductwork.”
Director, Renewable Energy Wales
  • Building Type: Education & Sports
  • M&E and HVAC Contractor: Renewable Energy
  • Electrical Contractor: Jaxx Bay Ltd
  • Services: Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC

The mechanical contractor, Renewable Energy (Wales) and the electrical contractor Jaxx Bay Ltd both used Gripple products for the first time on this project. Gripple was recommended to Renewable Energy by their mechanical distributor Lindab, also taking advantage of our unique Take-Off Service. Jaxx Bay requested multiple site visits to assist in selecting the best products for the installation.

The Take-Off Service ensured Renewable Energy were only supplied with what they required which prevented shortages or costly and unnecessary additional supplies on site. Based on the site drawings and site visits, Gripple was able to review the project plans and specifications to more effectively advise on the type and quantity of Gripple products Renewable Energy would need for the project.

Jaxx Bay used Gripple's Cable Basket Adaptor with the Trapeze Plus FR No.2 to suspend electrical containment throughout the site. Its unique design means the adaptor simply twists onto the basket with no channel supports required. The Cable Basket Adaptor also provides the flexibility to revisit services for adjustment or maintenance. Jaxx Bay Ltd used the retaining clip, which pre-fits and holds the Trapeze unit onto the cable basket in preparation for working at height. The levels were easy, simple and quick to adjust and set as the pin adjustment of the Trapeze Plus FR  No.2 allowed for simple movement up and down the wire.

Renewable Energy used a combination of products to install  the ductwork. The spiral duct was suspended from the soffit in single point suspensions using Standard Hanger No.2 kits. The Butterfly Trapeze was used to install the plenum boxes. The Butterfly Trapeze eliminated the need for channel  support and could be placed anywhere on the plenum box, giving maximum flexibility and a quick and easy installation.

The requirement constantly changed on site so the ability to quickly install or remove sections of the ductwork proved invaluable to Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy used Gripple's Universal Brackets alongside Universal QT Clamps to pre-fit at pre-set centres in order to install the pipework. The Trapeze Plus FR No.2 was then used to suspend the brackets from the soffit. This reduced the installation time of the pipework and also meant no hot works or cutting and filing on site was required, with the brackets and clamps supplied direct to site in ready-to-use kits. The underground waste pipe was also installed with the QT Universal Clamp.

Jaxx Bay Ltd installed the suspended ceiling using the Standard Hanger No.3 with a Kon Floor Deck Wedge end fixing. The Standard Hangers are ideal to quickly and efficiently install the ceiling raft. Standard Hangers are cleaner, neater and stronger than traditional methods suchas twisted wire.

"The specifications for the project changed repeatedly, Gripple products provided the flexibility to reposition the containment layout quickly and efficiently. The on site help provided was invaluable, the service we received enabled us to quickly order more parts when changes occurred. We have been converted from rod, and will be using Gripple’s products on all future projects.”
Site Foreman, Jaxx Bay Ltd
  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Pre-fabricated Universal Brackets, QT Universal Clamps, Trapeze Plus FR, Standard Hangers and Butterfly Trapeze Strut, M8 threaded rod, channel support, washers, nuts, bolts and various pipe clamps
Material Cost £13,800 £7,850
Installation Time 50 Hours 475 Hours
Labour Rate (Per Hour) £20 £20
Total Labour Cost £1,000 £9,500
Total Cost £14,800 £17,350
Tags: Building Services

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