Strawberry Place, Newcastle, UK

The £71m Strawberry Place development near St James Park, Newcastle, is a 10-storey, 316-bed Vita student accommodation building. Gripple supplied Trapeze Plus FR, Low Profile Bracket, QT Compact Clamp and Standard Hanger for the suspension of pipework and electrical containment.

  • Building Type: New build student accommodation
  • Contractor: Waites Group
  • Subcontractor: Castle Building Services
  • Services: Mechanical & Electrical

“The Low Profile Brackets and Compact Clamps were easy to move on-site, and quick to install. The speed of the installation for the M&E services was ideal for this type of build - a busy city centre location and a site which need to becompleted quickly and on time”- Supervisor, Castle Building Service


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Trapeze Plus FR, Low Profile Bracket, QT Compact Clamp &
Standard Hanger
Channel, threaded rod, channel nuts & pipe rings
Material cost £16,263 £9,247
Installation time 254 Hours 939 hours
Labour rate (per hour) £20 £20
Total labour cost £5,080 £18,780
Total cost £21,343 £28,027

Strawberry Place is a £23m student accomodation site in the heart of Newcastle. Castle Building Services were appointed to carry out the first phase of this project, and had been given a short timescale to carry out the installation of M&E services.

As there was a shallow ceiling void to contend with on the build, Gripple supplied Low Profile Brackets and QT Compact Clamps - the ideal solution for pipework being installed in space restricted areas. By using Low Profile Brackets, time was saved as these products arrive to site in pre cut lengths, eliminating the need to cut channel. This also benefitted health and safety, as no tools or 'hot works' permit was required for the preparation of materials.

The QT Compact Clamps were then attached to the brackets to secure all pipework. These clamps feature a quarter turn attachment to quickly and easily secure onto brackets. By choosing to utilise this product on-site, Castle avoided having to organise, dispense and install different sizes of traditional pipe rings, as the QT Compact Clamp's unique design means it replaces more than 13 different sized rings. The quarter turn fixing of the products also means that no tools are required for adjustment, reducing time and money spent on a typically laborious process.

Trapeze Plus FR was used to install electrical containment - delivering comparable strength to M8 threaded rod on 2mm wire rope, while offering one-handed adjustment during installation. Trapeze Plus FR delivered the required strength and flexibility, as well as a neat, aesthetically pleasing finish to complement the roof space.

Due to the city centre location, Strawberry Place was difficult to access with large vehicles. All the products supplied by Gripple are compact and easy to transport, with one box of Trapeze Plus FR suspension kits weighing up to 97% less than the equivilent threaded rod. No cutting or filing is required when Gripple wire rope kits are used to suspend services, therefore valuable space for machinery is not required and deliveries of products in large vehicles is greatly reduced.

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