Park Plaza Hotel, London, UK

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel is situated in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace. The building was undergoing a refurbishment of the public areas, which included a new, large light feature being installed using the Gripple Catenary Kit and AngelHangers in the hotel’s reception area.

  • Building Type: Hotel
  • Main Contractor: GC Project Management
  • Building Structure: Steel Frame
  • Services: Lighting

“Having used Gripple solutions in the past, I felt that this was the ideal solution to provide a strong, discreet fixing that gave the illusion of the light fitting being suspended in thin air. We also found the project assistance from Gripple was superb.” - Building Services Manager

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Catenary Kit & Angel Hangers Jack Chain & Channel
Material cost £996 £34
Installation time 12 Hours 190 hours
Labour rate (per hour) £20 £20
Total labour cost £240 £3,800
Total cost £1,236 £3,834

The Park Plaza Hotel at London Victoria recently underwent a modernisation to create a more ambient and comfortable environment for guests. As part of the refurbishment, GC Project Management was tasked with installing an open skylight with a dramatic lighting feature in the hotel’s reception area.

To help complete this ambitious installation, GC Project Management contacted Gripple to assist with the project. After consultation with a Gripple representative, the Gripple Catenary system was chosen to create secure overhead lines from which multiple hanging points were attached.

The system was secured at both ends using the Gripple Lockable Plus, with multiple Gripple C-Clips attached along the lines. The C-Clip features an innovative ‘twist-on/twist-off’ mechanism, enabling quick and simple adjustment and movement.

In conjunction with the Catenary Kit, Gripple Angel Hangers were connected to the overhead span using the C-Clip units. Specifically designed for architectural lighting suspensions, the discreet Angel Hangers helped to complement the modern look, with fixings seeming to ‘disappear’ into the roof space.

The method of suspending the feature from the Catenary Kit proved to be virtually invisible when looking upwards at the feature, meaning that the dramatic light fitting could take centre stage without being impacted by the equivalent traditional installation method - unsightly jack chain and channel. Installation time was drastically reduced, with simple spans of the Catenary system meaning that multiple drops could be installed from one point.

With installation taking place while the hotel remained open, health and safety was of optimum importance - the Gripple Catenary Kit required no on-site cutting, filing or hot works, helping to drastically reduce the risk of injuries to workers or guests during fit-out. The rapid installation also meant less time was spent at height. The project delivery satisfied the client’s brief, and was delivered in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken if traditional methods were used.

Tags: Building Services

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