Revolutionise your next solar installation with the latest PV bracing and anchoring innovations from Gripple. Our ready-to-use kits have been designed and developed to save you time, reduce your costs and increase installation efficiency.

Proven year on year in demanding seismic and civils applications our lightweight yet durable solutions will reduce your job-site environmental impact by minimising the need for heavy machinery, concrete and groundworks on site.


And Learn How To Increase Your PV Install Efficiency...

Join our Head of Infrastructure- John Butterworth for our new Gripple Solar webinar series and learn how you can speed up your next PV install whilst reducing your costs and environmental impact.

Our 5 part series will cover:

  • An introduction to Gripple Solar solutions
  • The Importance of a Sound Structural Frame
  • Above Ground Cable Management - An Introduction to the new Gripple CRS
  • Choosing the Right Foundations - Gripple PV Solar Anchoring Solutions
  • Utilising Bi-Facial Technology
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Bracing Solutions


  • Strong – protects against active forces such as; strong winds, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction, eliminating torsion, tension and compression issues 
  • Lightweight – replaces heavy steelwork framing and several kits can be carried at once 
  • Robust – improves structural integrity and maintains tilt angles by reducing the racking system’s ability to bend, twist and flex, especially in looser soils 
  • Safe –  increased factor of safety, realigns misshapen posts and reduces panel sliding 
  • Versatile – can be utilised on steep slopes and ballast installations due to increased resistance to sliding forces 
  • ‘Green’ – reduced carbon footprint using very little material 

Discover Gripple PV Bracing Solutions

Anchoring Solutions

  • Undisruptive – the innovative install and ‘flip’ of the PV Anchor means that the ground’s engineering properties can be accessed with minimal disturbance 
  • Strong – replaces concrete ballast, High load ratings enable piles to be driven to a shallower depth and in more soil types with an increased protection against uplift 
  • Lightweight – several kits can be carried at one time making installation and decommissioning much faster 
  • Quick – the speed of install and minimal machinery offer time and labour savings 
  • Versatile – can be used as a retro-fit system as; secondary uplift foundation, repairs for failures and guys for leaning structures 
  • ‘Green’ – Reduced carbon footprint as no heavy machinery, concrete or additional groundwork is required 

Discover Gripple PV Anchoring Solutions

Cable Routing System

Install and manage cables easier than ever with our new above-ground Cable Routing System. Designed by our in-house engineers this strong and secure kit allows you to manage power and data cables without the need to dig invasive trenching, minimising the need for heavy plant on-site and speeding up your installation. 

  • Above ground – No need to de-rate cables thanks to free airflow 
  • Side Loading - Quickly install cables from the side access
  • No trenching – No trenching equipment of heavy plant required
  • Quick to install – Significantly reduces labour costs
  • High Capacity – Hold's up to 1170 6mm2 cables
  • Stackable double hanger – Stack to form a modular system for larger projects

Discover Gripple CR System

Coming Soon

Bifacial Reflector Support

The importance of bifacial to the Solar industry cannot be understated. Whilst there are many fit-for-purpose reflective materials, the current difficulty is securing them to the ground, leading much of the market to lean towards self-weighted options such as sand or pebbles - leading to issues such as increased transportation and difficult handling. Gripple are hoping to solve that issue...


...Join our webinar 

Join our Webinar series to learn how you can speed up your next PV install whilst reducing your costs and environmental impact.


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