Gripple's range of Utilities products solve global issues to ensure that the transportation of essential products can continue without issue.


An opportunity to diversify...

The Utilities market provides the perfect opportunity to use the experience gained in our core markets to gain entry to global markets such as oil & gas, communications and infrastructure.

The Utilities Range

Underground Buoyancy Anchoring


Suitable for installation into all soil types, Gripple's Underground Buoyancy Anchoring kit is a solution that has been engineered to prevent all uplift in any MEP services which are at risk of flotation. 

 The kit is versatile and causes minimal soil disturbance,  whilst our UBA calculator allows us to specify the best value-engineered solution for each project - instantly making us 'experts' in the field.

Heat Tracing


Gripple's Heat Tracing solution is a 2-step installation system that helps to minimise the time which is required for the attachment of Electrical Heat Tracing cables to longline pipelines/pipe process skids. 

 We are currently working on the design process alongside cable OEMs from the UK and Europe, whilst awaiting feedback from customers in Canada and the US.

Fibre Optic Support Kits


The Fibre Cable Optic Kits are designed to support fibre cables on the exterior face of both commercial and residential buildings. 

 The kits will typically replace a turnbuckle alternative - meaning they can offer increased security and reliability, whilst the time savings on offer minimise health and safety issues by reducing the time required whilst working at height.

Current Successes

Progress has already been made in both the US and UK...

The Underground Buoyancy Anchoring kit has already been installed on large projects including warehouses, shopping centres and data centres in the US. In the UK, we are working alongside market leaders in communication and infrastructure services to perfect our Fibre Optic Support Kits before launching them to the wider market.

Longline Pipeline Buoyancy

Using the knowledge gained whilst developing our Underground Buoyancy Anchoring kits, the range will eventually be expanded to prevent any uplift in larger pipelines.

Utility Stays

The development of an anchor which is capable of withstanding higher loads will allow us to begin our exploration of the opportunities on offer working with above-head utility lines - starting with the development of a guying kit for utility poles.