Environmental Impact Surveys

We recognise that today’s buildings need to be designed to the highest environmental standards. In order to facilitate this, Gripple Technical Services is able to provide calculations, based on drawing submissions or site surveys, to determine the ECO2 savings when switching to lightweight Gripple suspension systems through our environmental impact surveys.

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Substantial CO2 Savings with Gripple

We continuously strive to integrate sustainability into our product design process; a Gripple hanger today contains 30% less zinc than the original design, without compromising on strength or functionality.

There is also compelling data to support the use of Gripple solutions when compared with traditional systems; for every metre of Gripple wire rope specified to replace threaded rod, it is estimated that a saving of 1.2 kg of embodied CO2 is made. This equates to a total embodied CO2 saving of up to 95% when switching from threaded rod to Gripple wire rope on your next project. On a broader scale, in 2018, the use of Gripple solutions rather than traditional systems delivered an estimated saving of 20,000 tonnes – a huge environmental benefit within the context of the rapidly growing built environment.

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Embodied CO2 Assessments

Supporting evidence and environmental impact reports can be provided by the Gripple Technical Services team to present accurate CO2 savings on a project-by-project basis generated by the use of Gripple systems.

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Why use Gripple?

  • Significant time and cost savings on your project
  • Complete, off-site solutions which minimise health and safety concerns
  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers
  • Considerable reductions in packaging, vehicle movements & embodied CO2
  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team
  • Aesthetically pleasing solutions; lightweight and virtually invisible