Hawke Street Works

Hawke Street Works is responsible for production of up to 260 million moulded components every year

 and is home to:

  • Injection moulding machines
  • Spring manufacturing
  • Gripple Ideas and Innovation

Hawke Street Works

3 Hawke Street
S9 2SU

Discover Hawke Street Works – One of UK’s Largest Injection Moulding Facilities  

Gripple Hawke Street Works was opened in 2010 by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. As one of the countries largest injection moulding facilities. This site is responsible for production of up to 260 million moulded components per year.

Hawke Street Works is a shared space with our sister company Loadhog and is also the home of Gripple and Loadhog’s Ideas and Innovation team, who are responsible for the development of new products and solutions.


Production & Technology on Site:

Improving production efficiency through technology is one of our key priorities at Gripple. Our Hawke Street Works features a range of advanced tooling and machinery including:

  • Multi cavity, high precision twin shot moulding
  • Concrete insert machine
  • Hot runner and valve gate technology
  • Spring manufacture


Products Produced On Site Include: 

Spider™ Concrete Insert Assembly

A direct replacement for traditional metal deck or wood form concrete inserts.

Production Capacity:

4 million units per year

Spider Metal Front 2020

Spring Manufacture

We manufacture our springs in house at Hawke Street.

Production Capacity:

Up to 156 million units per year


Precision Injection Moulded Parts

Injection Moulding of components including caps, tools and parts

Production Capacity:

Up to 260 million units per year


Environmental Measures In Place:

Reducing our environmental impact is of key importance to Gripple, which is why our Hawke Street facility features:

  • 1200 solar panels
  • Tooling design which minimises scrap and recycling levels

Quality Measures In Place:

We know how important product quality is to our customers, which is why we have implemented the below quality measures at our Hawke Street Works: 

  • Manufacture tooling within the group
  • Hot runner feeds
  • Inspection controls verifying all critical dimensions