The Importance of Apprenticeships at Gripple

Gripple has been launching game-changing solutions for more than 35 years and that passion starts with our people. Since recruiting our first apprentice in 1998, more than 40 young people have chosen Gripple to kickstart their careers. Emma Hibbert, recruitment manager at Gripple, reflects on the important role apprenticeships play in our future growth strategy, the unique perspective they bring to the business, and how they support the continued growth and success of the manufacturing sector as a whole.

Skills Gap

With the disruption the pandemic and Brexit caused to so many industries, including manufacturing, we must look at new and creative ways to fill vacancies. Recruitment and retention are key drivers of future growth and success and we continue to invest in making Gripple a fun and attractive place to work.

The growth of our apprenticeship scheme over the past few years, which has seen apprentices coming into more and more areas of the business, including IT, business administration, and advanced manufacturing, is central to this strategy. Offering young people hands-on learning from experienced industry professionals, we ensure our apprentices get all the incite and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career path. We are also committed to training and upskilling. We don't stand still and want to give all our people the opportunity to undergo professional development to advance their careers. This ensures we can overcome challenging skills gaps and offer our people long and rewarding careers.

A Fresh Perspective

The younger generation is full of bright and innovative ideas, ideas that are vital to the long-term success and sustainability of any business. Engineering game-changing solutions for markets all around the world, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's wire joiners and tensioners, MEP suspension systems, or rail droppers, we want to harness a culture and environment that encourages participation across the entire business. This empowers everyone to drive improvements and bring new ideas and perspectives to the table, helping to keep us all striving forward.

Younger people also come with different demands. We are a dynamic business, and the more apprentices, graduates, and younger colleagues we bring on, the more we have to think about what really motivates people. This has shaped our benefits packages and our recruitment strategies, making us a more proactive and modern employer.

Future Strategy

We're immensely proud of our apprenticeship scheme. It continues to bring new, exciting talent into our business and drives us all forward to do more. That said, it also remains a key strategic priority. Typically, we recruit between three and five apprentices each year. I’d love to double that. Our plan is to continue to grow the programme year after year, opening up more departments and helping more young people reach their potential. We have come a long way since 1998, but we aren't slowing down.

To apply for an apprenticeship at Gripple, visit: Apprenticeships | Gripple


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