Holly Reddick - Maintenance Engineering Apprentice Case Study

My passion for engineering began at school. I have always loved learning new skills, and the hands-on teaching was something I really enjoyed. When thinking about a career, that's what I wanted to emulate.

I knew someone who worked at Gripple and through school I was able to get a week of work experience in the engineering department. It was the best experience I could have asked for. I learned so much, and it opened my eyes to the variety of different engineering disciplines available. From then on, I knew Gripple was for me. The following September I started my apprenticeship.

My experience at Gripple so far has been incredible. In two years, I've had the chance to experience loads of different engineering departments, from injection moulding to robotics. There aren't many places where you get that sort of variety. Trying new things is such an important part of development, especially as a young person. Gripple allows you to work things out for yourself, and to find your path rather than being pushed one way or another. This has been the biggest thing for me and has helped my confidence massively.

The teaching at Gripple is also second to none. Not only do we have experts in engineering, but we also have great people. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and supportive – you can make mistakes and learn from them. It's a fantastic environment to learn, and while it's early days, I see a future career here. I am the only female engineer in my department, and that can be daunting and challenging. But Gripple has given me everything I need to succeed. Now, with growing confidence and great skills behind me, I feel like I've grown into the role and I love it.

My advice to anyone thinking about or starting an apprenticeship with Gripple is to go for it and stick with it. The apprenticeship is challenging, but it's also extremely rewarding. The opportunities available are unbelievable, and the support is fantastic. I am looking forward to growing my career here and can't wait to get stuck into whatever is next for me.


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