Hear from our Digital Transformation Implementation Lead…

After graduating with a master’s degree in information systems management from the University of Sheffield, I joined the Gripple Graduate Scheme in September 2021.

During my time on the scheme, I was given in-depth overview of the business thanks to rotations across departments including IT, finance and operations. The autonomy and trust placed within graduates at Gripple meant I was able to self-manage and take pride in my work whilst always safe in the knowledge that support was available when needed.

The diversity of the rotations gave me a well-rounded view of the business, with the projects I worked on and the relationships I built during this time providing an excellent foundation on which to build a future career.

I was subsequently offered a role as a business analyst in the IT department which involved collaborating with every department to capture requirements, model processes and analyse data to identify and support the implementation of technical business solutions.

I have since moved into my current role as an implementation lead in the company’s newly formed digital transformation team, where I continue to carry out business analysis activities but now with a much more strategic and broader focus. The technology the team is currently analysing, testing and planning will have a huge impact on all aspects of the company’s operations, leading to new opportunities and exciting challenges to tackle. As the company embarks on its next five-year plan and with digital transformation being one of the three key strategic pillars of the plan, this is an extremely exciting time for digitally focused graduates to join the scheme and get involved!

Luke Smith, 2021 Gripple Graduate Scheme

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