Gripple launches new solution for faster and safer trellis wire repair

Gripple Ltd, the market leading manufacturer of wire joining solutions for the viticulture market, has launched a brand new solution to simplify the repair of broken trellis wires on vineyards.

GP Fix allows wine growers to repair broken wires quickly by hand, without the need for additional wire. Featuring a two part design, the new solution allows the repairer to simply insert each part onto either side of the broken wire ends and pull together, without the need for machinery or straining equipment.

The Gripple Plus range of wire joining solutions are in use on vineyards across the world, and GP Fix utilises the trusted technology such as rust free zinc alloy and corrosion resistant ceramic rollers, to ensure a long lasting join, suitable for all weather conditions.

Senior Product Manager, Will Anderson, said: “We’re seeing increasing use of powerful, battery powered pruning equipment on vineyards which is improving efficiencies during maintenance of vines but can also lead to accidents, whereby trellis wires are cut by the tools. GP Fix represents an ideal, on the go solution to minimise the additional labour required to fix these breaks in the wire.

Traditional solutions can be labour intensive and require straining equipment. By eliminating protruding wires, GP fix reduces the risk of injury and delivers a more professional finish than other methods of repair.”

GP Fix has been designed for use with most commonly used trellis wires and is compatible with wire diameters ranging from 1.8 to 3.2 mm.

For more information about GP Fix, please contact Gripple on +44 (0) 800 018 4264 or visit to request a free sample pack.

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