Gripple Joins Association of Fencing Industries (AFI)

As a leading manufacturer of innovative wire joining and tensioning solutions, Gripple are pleased to announce its recent inclusion as a ‘Supplier Member’ of the Association of Fencing Industries (AFI), a prominent organisation dedicated to promoting excellence within the fencing sector.

As a renowned supplier of agricultural wire fencing solutions, Gripple has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Joining the AFI aligns with Gripple's mission to actively contribute to the fencing industry and engage with professionals to share knowledge and expertise.

Jake Hallatt, Agricultural Sales Manager – UK & Ireland stated: "Gripple is delighted to become a Supplier Member of the AFI. This collaboration presents a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals and share insights within the UK fencing sector."

Jake emphasised the importance of networking with fellow members and industry experts: "We believe that by joining the AFI, we can foster relationships, exchange ideas and contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of wire fencing solutions. Gripple is excited to be a part of this engaging community and looks forward to collaborating on projects that push the boundaries of innovation across the fencing industry."

Gripple brings its expertise in wire joining and tensioning solutions to the AFI community, offering cutting-edge products and technologies that enhance the efficiency and durability of wire fencing systems. As a Supplier Member, Gripple looks forward to actively participating in AFI events, engaging with fellow members and contributing to the advancement of the fencing industry as a whole.

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Gripple Ltd

Gripple is a leading UK manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning solutions. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality, Gripple provides cutting-edge products for various industries, including agriculture, viticulture, landscaping, construction, rail and solar applications.

Employing over 950 people across 15 global locations, Gripple is proud to manufacture across seven sites in South Yorkshire. Gripple prides itself on innovation, which enables it to bring game-changing solutions to market. As a business, Gripple is focused on achieving 20% of its sales from new products developed in the previous five years.

Association of Fencing Industries (AFI)

The Association of Fencing Industries (AFI) is a reputable organisation dedicated to promoting excellence within the fencing sector. AFI brings together professionals, manufacturers and suppliers to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and drive innovation within the industry.

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