Gripple becomes a CLC CO₂nstruct Zero Business Champion

Tasha Lyth, Sustainability Manager at Gripple Ltd, outlines how becoming a CLC COnstruct Zero Business Champion further highlights Gripple’s ongoing environmental commitments as the employee-owned manufacturing company strives to achieve ‘Carbon Neutrality’ across their global business in 2023 as well as achieving ‘Net Zero’ status by 2030.

“We are absolutely delighted to become a CLC CO₂nstruct Zero Business Champion and look forward to working alongside like-minded construction companies as we all strive towards one common goal – reducing carbon emissions and working collaboratively to drive sustainability improvements across our supply chain.”
Tasha Lyth, Sustainability Manager, Gripple Ltd

"In December 2021, we launched our own sustainability framework titled ‘Our Journey to Climate Positive’ whereby we outlined Gripple’s route to achieving ‘Net Zero’ by 2030 across our global operations through a series of measures including reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions while also ensuring our positive impact extends beyond our own operations by working closely on a number of important social and environmental causes around the world."
Tasha Lyth, Sustainability Manager, Gripple Ltd

Launched back in March 2021, CO₂nstruct Zero brings together organisations that are demonstrating leadership in relation to carbon reduction, sharing their good practice with others from across the UK construction sector, and providing a set of metrics that enables the sector, quarterly, to collectively measure its progress to Net Zero. Since its launch more than 70 Business Champions have committed to targeted carbon reduction, and to provide details of how they are achieving this to help those from across the wider sector.

"Our team strongly believe that the CLC’s nine priority areas are very much aligned with our own sustainability targets – particularly when referring to maximising the use of ‘Modern Methods of Construction’, improving on-site logistics, reducing waste and transport to construction sites as well as providing clear up-front embodied carbon and material weight savings to all our customers to ensure procurement decisions can be environmentally led. As an employee-owned business, we’ve ensured all our employees are highly informed of our environmental commitments - it will be a huge team effort from our global team to ensure we meet our ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Climate Positive’ business objectives but we are highly confident we will achieve these aims within this decade."
Tasha Lyth, Sustainability Manager, Gripple Ltd

For more information on the CLC (Construction Leadership Council) or the CO2nstruct Zero programme please click here to read the CLC’s official press release. For more information on Gripple’s ‘Journey to Climate Positive’, please click here or contact Tasha Lyth (Sustainability Manager) at


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