2020 Year In Review

Another year of innovation

We target 25% of our annual turnover to come from products less than 5 years old. It keeps our focus consistently on innovation for the benefit of our global customer base. 2020 has been no different, with a range of time and labour savings delivered in new and existing markets.  

January saw the launch of InvisiGrip, a translucent hanger solution for the discreet suspension of signage, decorations, acoustic panels, lighting and displays. The product features a brand new twist release mechanism, which allows for simultaneous adjustment of products suspended and the position of the hanger in one movement. Agile Acoustics took advantage of InvisiGrip's simplicity and aesthetic design to suspend acoustic panels at Salts Mill in West Yorkshire - a UNESCO world heritage site - earlier this year.

2020 also saw two new additions to another contemporary solution in our lighting range with GT and T19 variants added to the Gripple Angel family of products. Designed for use with Global Pro lighting track (GT) and track profiles up to 19 mm internal width (T19), the two new variants add further versatility to a solution delivering one handed adjustment and a modern design in keeping with more architectural suspension requirements.

To give electrical contractors a faster way of fixing cables to ceilings and walls, we launched the Fire Rated Clip, designed to deliver flexibility to allow for easy installation of cable, and durability to secure once cables are in place. The product is fire tested to 30 min in-line with BS7671:2018 direct fix spacing requirements.

2020 also saw developments in our agricultural range of solutions, with the new APEX™ range launched to offer ground anchoring durability to suit all soil types. Offering three different anchor types dependant on the soil conditions, APEX was launched with a 'shake your jar' campaign which encouraged customers to perform a simple soil test and identify their soil and required APEX solution. The APEX - Fibre option features a combination of zinc aluminium alloy and polymer fibre tendon, typically used to secure coastal defences - to deliver the most durable anchor solution on the market today.

We also added durability to our civil construction range with the launch of TL-808 and TL-A5 - a load bearing plate and heavy duty earth percussion anchor - as additions to the Gripple Terra-Lock system. The Terra-Lock system is a time and labour saving method of geotechnical engineering for erosion control, soil retention and slope reinforcement. The new additions provide drive efficiency and maximise load while helping to maintain steeper cut slopes, reducing the impact on the surrounding land and lowering construction costs.

As the world seeks to transition to greener energy solutions and cut our reliance on fossil fuels, we've seen a sharp rise in the construction of solar farms around the world. Gripple solutions offer a labour and material efficient solution for anchoring and bracing solar arrays and our photovoltaic kit solutions were launched this year. Offering protection to the array against active forces such as strong winds, natural earth movements, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction, Gripple PV kits are lightweight, easy to install and versatile enough to be specified into a site or retrofitted into most existing systems, making them ideal for repairs and refusals. Crucially, the system reduces the concrete requirement and the need for heavy machinery during the installation, thus deliver a range of 'green' benefits.

We remain fiercely enthusiastic about new product development and continue to develop new ways to deliver simplicity and carbon efficiencies across the construction, civil engineering and agricultural sectors. Thanks to all of our customers for their continued support and feedback during the product development process. We're excited to deliver more exciting developments in 2021.


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