Residential Project, Richmond, Greater London

Gripple's Fibre Cable Support Kit was used to install fibre optic cable runs at a residential block in Richmond, Greater London.

It’s the first time I’ve used this system. I didn’t really have any major issues setting up or getting to grips with it. I’ve been really impressed with it, it’s really user-friendly. There is a lot less hardware on the wall, and the Gripple system is faster to install compared to a traditional system.
Engineer, HyperOptic

Engineers from HyperOptic working on-site at Richmond were impressed with Gripple's Fibre Cable Support Kits, stating that the kits were quicker to install compared to traditional methods. On top of the result being aesthetically pleasing, HyperOptic reported cost savings in terms of time and labour, leading to reduced health and safety issues with less time spent working at height.

The kit also comes with a Torq Tensioning Tool, which allows for quick and accurate tensioning on-site and takes the pressure off of installers.

Feedback has been really positive. There were significant savings in installation speed and overall labour costs. There has been a real benefit as well in terms of health and safety via less time spent working at height. The finished install is aesthetically pleasing and going forward HyperOptic will be using Gripple's system on all their future fibre cable infrastructure installations.
Stuart Helm, Area Sales Manager

Fibre Cable Support Kits by Gripple – an innovative method of supporting fibre optic cable runs 

Our Fibre Cable Support Kits tackle health and safety issues by massively reducing the time spent working at height, while offering an aesthetically pleasing solution that also reduces risk of damaged cables in fibre optic cable runs. The accompanying Torq Tensioning Tool also allows for quick tensioning on-site with compromising on strength.

Move away from traditional methods with a peace of mind – our kits are tried-and-tested for harsh outdoor environments and require the simplest of installation methods. 

Tailored for each project and their individual needs, various wire lengths can be provided pre-cut for immediate installation on-site, reducing further labour. 

A typical kit contains:

  • Pre-cut length of Wire Rope
  • Eyebolt Anchors x 2
  • Lockable Plus 3 mm x 2
  • Flag Key x 1
  • 4 mm Allen Key x 1
  • Twister Cable Tidy x 2
The old turnbuckle system is quite time consuming. You have to tension that manually. With Gripple's system you use a tensioner which has got a torque setting on the bottom of it, which sort of takes some of the guesswork out of how tight it has to be. The Gripple system is a lot more user-friendly.
Engineer, HyperOptic

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