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Prima Feeder Canal, Arizona

TL-100, 3mm (1/8") Zinc Aluminium Wire, TL-A2

  • Client: Gila River Indian Community
  • Contractor: Weeminuche Construction Authority
  • Gripple Terra-Lock™ System: TL-100, 3mm (1/8”) Zinc Aluminium Wire, TL-A2
  • No. of systems: 350
  • Application: Securing HPTRM
  • Start to completion: December 9-12 2013


The Central Arizona Project directs water through a number of canals extending from the Colorado River into particularly arid regions within the state. Canal realignment construction was completed in 2011. Since the completion of the project, graded slope areas around the perimeter of the outlet structure of the Prima Canal have experienced substantial erosion.As a result, the area was designated for repair and protection using erosion control matting.

Although degradable short term rolled erosion control products were initially discussed, it was suggested that an anchor reinforced vegetation system utilising HPTRM was to be used to extend design life. As part of this solution, the Gripple Terra-Lock™ System was used as a method to add security to the matting. The System employs a number of elements which aid installation ease, reduce installation time and provide a bespoke solution for the securing of HPTRM.

Central to this system is the Terra-Lock™ Anchor (TLA-2), the design of which enables straightforward penetration of the mat without tearing or otherwise damaging it. On this project the required 0.9 m (3 ft) drive depth was reached with ease through use of the GPD and Drive Rod. The TL-100 top termination secures the matting in place and by utilising patented Gripple technology, is able to secure the wire under load without the need for time consuming crimping.

The open face of the TL-100 allows vegetation to grow through, so that when the root systems begin to establish themselves, the Gripple Terra-Lock™ System supports rather than competes with natural securing methods.

Tags: Civil Construction

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