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Hillsboro Canal, Package 2

TL-A2, 3 mm (1/8”) Stainless Steel Wire, TL-100 (HPTRM)

TL-A4, 4 mm (5/32”) Stainless Steel Wire, D4 & TL-40A (25 ft ACBM)

TL-A4, 4 mm (5/32”) Stainless Steel Wire, D4 (12 ft ACBM)

  • Client: South Florida Water Management District
  • Contractor: Metro (Prime), B&Z (Sub)
  • Gripple Terra-Lock™ System: TL-A2, 3 mm (1/8”) Stainless Steel Wire, TL-100 (HPTRM) TL-A4, 4 mm (5/32”) Stainless Steel Wire, D4 & TL-40A (25 ft ACBM) TL-A4, 4 mm (5/32”) Stainless Steel Wire, D4 (12 ft ACBM)
  • Application: Securing ACBM and HPTRM
  • No. of Systems: 8,500 Systems (4,000 with D4, 1,500 with TL-40A, 3,000 with TL-100)
  • Start to Completion: Oct 2013 - Nov 2014


The Hillsboro canal is managed by the South Florida Water Management District and forms one of the local flood control system’s main arteries. Following regular inspection, a 10.5 mile reach was identified as being in need of significant repair where sections of the bank had eroded and fallen into the canal. This presented problems to local infrastructure and homes which run parallel to the eroding banks.

A solution was chosen to ensure functionality of the canal for decades into the future. It was decided that the lower portion of the slope was to be armoured using ACBMs which extend below the waterline. Above the ACBM, where turf alone provides insufficient erosion protection, HPTRM was used. In both instances, the Gripple Terra-Lock™ System was chosen to provide ease of install and a high factor of safety. Owing to the specific requirements of the two matting products, a broad Gripple Terra-Lock™ System was employed utilising: TL-100, D4 and TL-40A (ACBM Plate) as terminations.

The hard, underlying soil contained coral rocks and presented tough driving conditions. However, use of the Gripple Petrol Driver (GPD) eased installation and allowed a drive depth of 1.2 m (4 ft) to be achieved. Each of the anchors was subjected to a load test requiring at least 80 kg (180 lbs) of pullout. The Terra-Lock™ System passed all tests as part of this process and provided the safety required even under tough conditions.

The broad system used on site benefited from a wide range of install tools including: GPD, JackJaw®, Drive Rod, D4 Tensioner and Wire Cutters.


Tags: Civil Construction

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