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Glascoed Fish Pass, Wales

TL100-TLA3 + TL-P1 pin, installed by Gripple Petrol Driver & JackJaw TM


The construction of a bypass channel to allow free passage of migratory fish to the upper reaches of the Afon Cynllaith, a key requirement of the Water Framework Directive.

  • Project Type: Erosion control & bank stabilisation
  • Location: Llansilin nr Oswestry, Wales
  • Client: Natural Resources Wales
  • Consultant and Contractor: Consultant - Ch2M. Contractor - Dyer & Butler.
  • Products: TL100-TLA3 + TL-P1 pin, installed by Gripple Petrol Driver & JackJaw TM



A previous erosion control solution was installed in June 2014, however, the installation soon suffered considerable scour damage, with the PP5 Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) dislodged and many of the securing pins forced out, in turn leading to further undermining. This meant that the channel had to be closed off whilst a remedy to the problems was found.

Working closely with consultants and contractors, Gripple were able to offer their Terra-Lock system as part of the solution, complete with technical back-up and supporting case studies of similar projects undertaken.

The Terra-Lock™ TL-A3 ground anchors with TL-100 top plate were easily installed to a one metre depth using the Gripple Petrol Driver and load locked with the JackJaw™, providing deep-rooted stabilisation. The concentration of anchors was increased in those areas of fastest flow for added security. To provide maximum intimacy between the PP5 TRM and the soil and promote optimal vegetation re-growth, TL-P1 high-load anchoring pins were installed around the anchors at a ratio of 4:1.

With the TL-P1 installed by drill via a bespoke chuck, the contractor benefitted from considerable time savings during the remedial work. Boasting superior pull out loads compared to traditional pins and stakes similar to those used on the original installation, the TL-P1 will provide added protection against scour by ensuring the TRM remains closely adhered to the soil to allow quick vegetation re-growth.

The completed installation provides a secure and green finish once vegetation is established, ensuring long-term turf reinforcement and immediate erosion control required by the constantly flowing water of the fish pass.

Tags: Civil Construction

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