Distribution Centre, Swindon

Gripple supplied Trapeze Plus FR and Catenary Kits to suspend modules, electrical containment and busbar on this 217,954 sqm warehouse and distribution centre project on behalf of a global online retailer in Swindon, UK.

  • Building Type: Warehouse / Distribution Centre
  • Main Contractor: Buckingham Group
  • Subcontractor: Imtech Engineering Services
  • Services: Electrical Containment / Modules

The main contractor for this large 217,954 sqm warehouse in Wiltshire was Buckingham Group, who appointed Imtech Engineering Services as MEP subcontractor.

Imtech Engineering Services tasked the Gripple technical services team with navigating around the potential difficulties that may have arisen on-site when fitting out the building with electrical containment and modular systems. One such challenge on this project was the pitched roof, which made the Gripple Catenary system an ideal solution.

The Catenary system helped to save a huge amount of time on the programme. Using the Catenary and C-Clip end fixings allowed installers to loop wire rope suspensions around the steel beams and span the roof to create a tramline system, whereby drops could be made, in turn allowing the Trapeze Plus FR to suspend a range of electrical containment.

Trapeze Plus FR kits have been independently tested and offer a fully compliant, fire-resistant suspension system that is suitable for a range of applications. Adjustments can be made completely tool-free, allowing installers to save time and labour and allow for changes during installation. As the installation was completed faster, less time was spent by installers working at dangerous heights - reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring on-site. Trapeze Plus FR was installed directly into the modules on the ground and lifted up to the ceiling, supporting the module and providing fall arrest should the lifting machinery fail.

All waste was disposed of using a Loadhog Pally Magnum to help recycle offcuts from the site. The Pally Magnum is a collapsible bulk container attached to a pally (a pallet and a wheeled dolly), enabling efficient movement of bulky or loose items without the need for other manual handling equipment and is often used as an end-to-end transit solution. The reduction of traditional materials used on-site, along with the Pally Magnum, was able to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 generated by this project. In turn, this helped to assist Imtech with their own sustainability targets.

Speaking on the project, a senior project manager for Imtech said, “We had a large labour force on this project, so having training and toolbox talks regularly has really helped workers on-site understand the products and installation methods. Since the process began I believe Imtech and Gripple have solidified a really strong relationship. From the beginning of the journey, Gripple have understood our challenges and have risen to the occasion when needed. They have engaged with us on and off-site with regular visits. In the future, they are going to be a very strong partner for us."

Gripple Regional Sales Director, Mitch Rowley, worked closely alongside Imtech on this project and stated, “The feedback we have had so far from Imtech has been fantastic. Throughout the process, we continued to collaborate and travel down to the site to ensure that the installation was going as planned and being installed to manufacturers' guidelines. We look forward to working with the Imtech team on a range of future projects and delivering further labour, CO2 and health & safety benefits."

"Gripple has been fantastic for us on this project. Through design stages, they have helped us to develop solutions, helped us to identify avenues of improvement and were able to supply us with information up front so we can develop this into our business".
Senior Project Manager, Imtech Engineering Services
  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview Trapeze Plus FR & Catenary Kits Channel, threaded rod, channel nuts and pipe rings
Installation Time 1,796 hours 8,811 hours
Total Material Weight 4,684 kg 63,367 kg
Total Embodied CO2 10,632 kg 142,843 kg
Total Labour Cost £44,900 £220,275
Tags: Building Services

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