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Cobnor Point, West Sussex

TL-100 & TL-A3 - Installed with Gripple Petrol Driver and JackJaw™.

  • Client: ABP and Natural England
  • Contractor: Land & Water
  • Gripple Terra-Lock™ System: TL-100 & TL-A3 - Installed with Gripple Petrol Driver and JackJaw™.
  • No. of systems: -
  • Application: Securing HPTRM for Slope Reinforcement
  • Start to completion: October 2014


Cobnor Point was identified as an area that suffered heavily from erosion. It could have been at risk of flooding, which would have affected the agricultural land and heritage features. In the past, the shoreline was defended using several different methods including large stones, sandbags full of cement and rip-rap. However, the area remained at risk from tidal flooding, providing reason to find an alternative and more secure solution.

As a result, a new northern embankment was constructed and armoured using the Terra-Lock™ System and a type of erosion control mat. The matting extended across both sides of the embankment and terminated in a clay-filled trench at the toe of the wet side.

The Terra-Lock™ Anchor enabled straightforward penetration of the mat without tearing or otherwise damaging it. The installation of the Terra-Lock™ Anchor provided immediate and effective stabilisation of the mat. This was further reinforced by the TL-100, helping to maintain intimate contact between the mat and subgrade surface. Similarly, the open face of the TL-100 allowed for vegetation re-growth and presented an ideal solution to preserving the natural appearance of the eroding shoreline.

The project benefited from the wide range of installation tools including the Drive Rod, JackJaw® and the Gripple Petrol Driver. Paired with the Terra-Lock™ System, the overall install time was reduced to a minimum.


Tags: Civil Construction

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