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Based in our dynamic offices at Hawke Street in Sheffield, our 10-strong Ideas and Innovation team work to bring ideas from concept through to completion in a world-class innovation environment.

Working alongside customers to deliver patented problem-solving solutions.

With an extensive engineering workshop that features CAD and rapid prototyping capabilities, the I&I team are fully equipped to explore ideas and problems encountered on-site. Working closely with our sales and marketing teams, we strive to consistently deliver solutions that make our customers' lives easier.

The Creative Hub Driving Product Design & Improvement

Gripple Innovation

Innovation has been the beating heart of Gripple since its beginnings in 1989. We aim to deliver 25% of our annual turnover from products less than five years old, and as such, there’s a culture ingrained in us to constantly search for new ways of doing things and better ways to serve our customers. 

However, the focus is not just on innovative products - we look at innovation within the context of our entire business. This outlook has led to pioneering new approaches to business structure, training and development, and expansion overseas.

The key to our success is undoubtedly the collaborative work we do with our customers - we love to rationalise problems and develop solutions, and as such, always encourage our network to approach us with any questions or on-site issues they may have.

This is what we love to do - so challenge us to help you!

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Why use Gripple?

  • Significant time and cost savings on your project
  • Complete, off-site solutions which minimise health and safety concerns
  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers
  • Considerable reductions in packaging, vehicle movements & embodied CO2
  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team
  • Aesthetically pleasing solutions; lightweight and virtually invisible