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The Gripple Pot Lock is a flexible solution to secure & promote the healthy growth of containerised plants and containerised tree's in landscaping and nursery applications.

  • Stabilises containerised plants against exterior forces preventing blow over
  • Prevents damage to plants, loss of soil and fertilisers and damage due to frost
  • Promotes air root pruning, meaning larger, healthier plants with stronger
    root systems
  • Prevents rooting in of the plant to ground, allowing easy removal
  • Allows flexible spacing of containers, giving easy access for irrigation and the workforce
  • Flexes to suit the size of the socket pot
  • Can be used with up to 4 TL-P1 anchors depending on load requirements
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Nursery Solutions



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Gripple’s range of products for nursery applications is designed to make the installation of plant materials fast and simple. By providing secure fastening solutions, more dynamic spacing of plants can be achieved, allowing easier access for maintenance and collection.

The TL-P1 holds all types of landscaping and nursery fabrics securely in place, with minimal disruption to the membrane. Replacing traditional pins and stakes, the TL-P1 is ten times faster to install and provides superior load bearing performance.

Gripple also provides high load trellising systems, incorporating Catenary Kits, anchors and bracing solutions for the support of large tree growth. Suitable for wooden and metal post bracing, the system helps prevent damage to plants, has a high load capacity and is easily re-tensioned, year-after-year.   

A range of tree securing systems are also available for larger containerised trees. Utilising ground anchors alongside your preferred top assembly methods, the systems are fast and simple to install, aesthetically pleasing and reduce trip hazards.

Gripple delivers a selection of specially designed installation tools and accessories to ensure the efficient installation of solutions for nursery applications.  

Gripple have been awarded the Queens Award