Via Donini, Pianoro, Italy

To the south of Bologna, on a stretch of the Via Donini, a number of patches of rock have begun to come away from the slope and are threatening the integrity of the road above. The Terra-Lock solution, recommended by the Hydrogeo engineering firm, has been approved by the Savena-Idice Community of Communes to stabilise the embankment.

The Terra-Lock system is ideally suited for work on this sort of steep slope, upon which it would be very difficult to use construction vehicles. The Terra-Lock system is installed using a portable gaspowered post driver (GPD), facilitating installation.
  • Project : Road
  • Location : 800 m²
  • Services : Slope stabilisation and erosion control

In the heart of Emilia-Romagna, south of the Italian city of Bologna, the Via Donini connects Pianoro with Botteghino di Zocca and scales the tops of the hills separating the two communes.

Over the years, the slope running along one section of the road has shown signs of erosion, with patches of rock tending to slip down the hill. The regional Community of Communes (Unione Dei Comuni Savena - Idice) has asked for work to be completed here.

To resolve this issue, the Hydrogeo engineering firm recommended the Terra-Lock solution, alongside a geotextile to stabilise the slope and control the erosion. So why choose Terra-Lock? The slope was so steep that the Terra-Lock anchoring system was obvious: the posts are driven using a gas-powered post driver which is much easier and lighter to transport on a slope.

Using the Terra-Lock solution, work to secure 800m² of embankment was completed in just 1 week. Any other method would have required pre-drilling, installation and sealing, which would have taken a week longer.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview 720 TL-100 with TL-A3
3D Mac Mat Geotextile
Drive Rod, GPD and JackJaw
J-Hook anchoring pins
3D Mac Mat Geotextile
Pré-digging and concrete fixing
Installation time 1 weeks (4 workers) 2 weeks (4 workers)

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