Railway Bank - Port de Bouc, France

During winter 2018, heavy rains in the south of France caused a landslide on a slope next to the Port de Bouc - Martigues railway. The national French railway company (SNCF) was looking for a temporary stabilisation solution before a heavier installation. Their engineering office approved the use of our Terra-Lock solution, combined with a concrete filled geotextile.

"We are using the Terra-Lock solution more and more for temporary stabilisation, or when we need to act quickly on a slope. I think we have a good product for this kind of site”
Joël Lerouge - Project Manager SNCF
  • Project : Railway bank
  • Location : Port-de-Bouc, France
  • Services : Slope reinforcement

During winter 2018, heavy rains near the city of Marseille caused a landslide on a slope next to the Port de Bouc - Martigues railway.

Before being able to install a heavier solution, the French railway company (SNCF) was looking for a temporary but safe solution for a temporary stabilisation. A budget was made for the installation of soil nails with sprayed concrete and an open tender was created.

Our customer answered it with a plan combining our Terra-Lock solution for soil stabilisation with a concrete filled geotextile. Its main advantage was to not disrupt the railway traffic because all machines could be placed on top of the slope, and not on the rails. Moreover, the offer was 50% less than the initial budget planned by SNCF.

Following the contacts with our sales representative, Gripple’s internal engineering office made a full technical study, which was approved by SNCF. The works started in February 2020 : the concrete filled geotextile and our Terra-Lock solution were installed over 900 m² in a week and half, during day time, without interrupting the railway traffic. At the same time, Gripple teams provided technical support and training to the installer.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview 1 000 TL-606 with TL-A4 ; 600 TL-100 with TL-A2
9 TILTEX® 10 rolls of 100 m²
Drive Tool, GPD and JackJaw
Soil Nailing with sprayed concrete, heavy machinery
Installation time 10 days - day-time work 3 weeks - mandatory night-time work
Total cost 150 000 € 400 000 €

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The Terra-Lock® TL-606™ is ideal for high performance security of soil stabilising geotextiles whilst aiding vegetation growth.

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