Why Join Gripple

Do you want to own it like we do - your job, your career, your own part of our business? Developing new, innovative products is the key to our success, but people are our most valuable asset.

Growing together

We may have grown as a business, but our shared values remain the same. We expect our people to be passionate, to be team players, to be honest and willing and able to challenge convention.

As a 100% employee owned company, our employees care about the business, have a vested interest in it and play a significant part in its growth. It isn’t always for the faint-hearted, but the reward is a share in our success and a say in how we get there. 

Working at Gripple is not just about getting the job done, it is about contributing to its present and working towards its future. In 50 years’ time, we may not just be making Gripple fasteners – the possibilities are endless. For us, that is a very exciting prospect!

Sports day team picture
Tomohiro in London

Want to be part of our future?

As our business has grown and changed over recent years, so have our opportunities. From customer-facing sales and support roles, to roles in engineering and product design, operations and marketing, if you have what it takes, the career choices and development opportunities open to you are as exciting and varied as the products we design, produce and sell.

So have a search through our current vacancies now and see where an opportunity at Gripple might take you. A job at Gripple is never just that, you will become an owner of the business, with a say in how we do things.

We are always happy to receive speculative applications too if you think you might have the ‘Gripple Spirit’!

The Gripple Spirit: "People are our greatest asset"

At Gripple we believe it is our values and our unique culture, in other words, the ‘Gripple Spirit’ which sets us apart and the number one reason why we are able to attract and retain the best people into our business.

We have created, and we foster that culture by recruiting people who share our values, committed and hard-working people with vision and passion, and we make sure we look after those people, our greatest asset.


We believe it is vital to equip our employees with the tools they need to fulfil their potential, to be the best they can be. Equally, we expect our people to take ownership of their job, their career and as shareholders, of this business!

All employees have an annual review where behaviour is measured against our key values. Contribution to team goals are discussed and how this links with the business, together with specific achievements and training requirements. We also look to identify any other talents or qualifications which could be useful to the wider business. We also look to involve our people in such activities as:

• continuous improvement projects
• community and charity events
• innovation projects
• training, mentoring and coaching others