Ehnwihr Hydroelectric Powerplant

A new hydroelectric powerplant was built by the teams from the administrative region near the city of Muttersholtz. For the reinforcement of slopes, they chose Gripple’s Terra-Lock solution over riprap.

Terra-lock system was chosen after a take-off realised by Gripple’s engineering office. This solution allowed us to save 13 000 € on the initial budget.
  • Project : Hydroelectric Powerplant
  • Location : Muttersholtz, France
  • Services : Slope reinforcement

In eastern France, the administrative region had a project to build a hydroelectric powerplant. Initially budgeting riprap for slope reiforcement around the basin, they chose to install our Terra-Lock solution.

After a first on-site visit by our Gripple sales representative, a complete take-off study was realized by our engineering office. The study includes technical recommendations, product details, and certifications.

During the realisation of the project, our sales representative trained the teams to use our solution. On a total surface of 150 m², they installed over 170 TL-100 and TL-A2 anchors, with 430 TL-P to keep the matting in place. The total price of all materials was around 4 000 €, 5 times cheaper than the initially budgeted riprap.

Moreover, installation was carried out in 16 hours, without any of the heavy earth-moving equipment that would have initally been required. This considerably helped to save labor costs and facilitated execution.

For our customer this was a success on all levels : reiforcement of the slope, time, and cost.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview Geotextile et Anchoring :
GPD et JackJaw
Earth moving equipment
Material cost 4 000 € 20 000 €
Installation time 16 hours 40 hours
Total weight of the materials 210 kg 1 Truck + 1 Excavator + 1 Mixer Truck + Concrete + Rocks

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