Artipôle Logistics Hub - Saint Didier, France

Following the groundworks underaken for the construction of the IMS Logistics Hub, 30 meters of riprap were to be installed on the slope behind the building. With the same budget, Gripple’s Terra-Lock solution allowed our customer to triple the total reinforced area, adding 55 more metres.

“Contrary to riprap, Gripple’s Terra-Lock solution allowed us secure the whole slope. Moreover, installation is easy, quick, and we did not have to use earth moving equipment”
  • Project : Commercial Area
  • Location : Saint Didier, France
  • Services : Slope reinforcement

A new logistics hub for the company IMS has been built in Saint Didier, a small city in the west of France. The building, with a total area of 4 600 m² required some heavy earthwork, creating a slope all around the structure.

For its stabilisation, a budget was set to install 30 m of rip-rap in the back of the lot. However, progress in the construction of the parking area meant that access to
the back of the site was difficult for heavy earth-moving machines and trucks. To solve this issue, the installer chose to use the Terra-Lock system.

With the same budget initially set, he could stabilise the entirety of the slope around the building. Also, installation of the Terra-Lock system can be carried out without requiring heavy vehicles such as trucks or excavators. Comprising a G-MAT geotextile, a TL-A3 anchor and a TL-100 head, this innovative solution is installed using a GPD post-driver. It delivers significant time and labour savings, immediate security and aids vegetation growth.

With the same budget and installation time, our customer achieved the stabilisation of 55 more metres of slope.

Tags: Civil Construction

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview 1560 TL-100 and TL-A3 ; 3430 TL-P2 ;
31 rolls of 40 m² G-MAT C550 ;
Drive Tool, GPD and JackJaw
Earth moving equipment
Reinforced Area 85 m 30 m
Installation time 40 hours 40 hours
Total Cost 9000€ + 8000€ 18 000 + Labor

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