Bamberg, Student Residence, Germany

At a student residence in Bamberg, the Fast Trak rail system was used to install cable trays faster, easier & cheaper compared to the traditional method. 210 rails and 420 vertical beams were installed.

“By using Fast Trak, I was able to save time and money. My installers were very happy with the ease of installation. The inital concerns about the cables being threated through, quickly became secondary as the installation was very easy and quick.”
- Project Manager -
  • Building type: Student Residence
  • Completion date: February 2022
  • Building structure: Concrete
  • Product suspended:Cable tray assembly
Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple solution Traditional method
Overview vertical tracks, horizontal brackets, cable tray clips Suspension handle, support bracket
Material cost 3 233,78 € 3 150 €
Installation time 110 hours 190 hours
Labour rate (per hour) 50 € 50 €
Total labour cost 5 500 € 9 500 €
Total cost 8 740 € 12 650 €

Cost result from calculations of the Gripple solution used in the project, compared with the conventional method.

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