Supermarket, Halle an der Saale, Germany

For the construction of a market hall, cable trays had to be suspended with a short drop length from the ceiling. The use of the Fast Trak - Universal not only simplified the installation for the customer, but also eliminated dangerous preparatory work on the construction site.

“Installing Fast Trak is incredibly quick and easy. It takes less than 2 minutes per suspension and we will definitely use the product again at the next construction site.”
- Project Manager -
  • Type of building: Supermarket
  • Building structure: Concrete
  • Service: Electrical

During the construction of a supermarket hall, cable trays had to be suspended from a concrete ceiling. For this project, the distance to the ceiling was rather small at only 535 mm, which provides an excellent basis for the use of Fast Trak - Universal.

The tracks of the Fast Trak are fixed directly to the concrete ceiling with a concrete screw installation. The dimensions can be easily marked on the ceiling by indicators on the Fast Trak bracket.

The installation of one suspension takes less than 2 minutes and is therefore significantly faster than the traditional method of installation with threaded rod and rail. Fast Trak is not only quick and easy to install - it also reduces the risk at the construction site, as no dangerous work, such as cutting the rods and rails, is required.

The project described in this case study enabled the customer to save 75% of both time and labour costs, while the total cost was 38% lower by using Fast Trak.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple Solution Traditional
Material Fast Trak, FTB 450 50 Stk, FTT 535 100 pcs Support brackets 50 pcs
Material Costs 545 € 750 €
Installation Time 2,5 hours 10 hours
Labour Costs (per hour) 30 € 30 €
Total Labour Costs 75 € 300 €
Total Costs 620 € 1050 €

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